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Talent Contest

Date: June 27, 2020
We're looking for the most amazing talent in the Norman County area!!

Join us on Saturday, June 27th at 2 pm at the Norman County Fair. You will have 4 minutes to compete in front of the judges.

There will be cash and prizes for three divisions:
Pre-Teen Division
Teen Division
Adult Division

See rules below.
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2020 Norman County Talent Show

Please complete the application as soon a possible, but no later than June 25, 2020.

We will review all entertainment information and be in touch with you. If you have any questions, please email Stacy Christianson at simplystacy@rocketmail.com




Entertainment Description

Provide a Brief Background


First Name, Last Name and Age
First Name, Last Name and Age
First Name, Last Name, Age
First Name, Last Name, Age
Please complete the following:


A good sound system with tape and CD player is provided, as well as a good piano. We need to use (check one)
Equipment - Please Check

Please list any additional equipment needed

Terms & Conditions

Promotional photos will be taken. By signing below you agree to the following:

“I give permission for any photos of my/our act to be used by the Norman County Fair and/or local papers both on and off the internet without compensation, provided the photos are used for promotional and news only.”

I acknowledge that I have read the rules and agree to abide by them.

If under 18, Parent or Legal Guardian must sign

Email submission of this form is considered signed


Type in your name
I agree to the terms and conditions

Required Questions/Answers

If you are chosen to compete in the contest and then place in this contest, are you able to perform at the MN State Fair? Dates will be sometime between August 21 and September 1st. Exact dates will be confirmed upon winning.

Have you (or your group) ever performed the above talent as a paid professional?

While the judges are deliberating we will allow “Encore” performances to entertain our audience. These performances will have no bearing on the final outcome. Would you be interested in doing an “Encore” performance?

You may submit the application online or print and mail to
Talent Show
Attn: Stacy Christianson
1643 240th Avenue
Halstad, MN 56548

Questions can be directed to Stacy Christianson at 507.626.0356 or simplystacy@rocketmail.com


The Norman County Talent Show will be held Saturday, June 27th at 2 p.m. at the Norman County Fair Grounds; Tommy Roesch Memorial (TRM) Stage (located between the 4-H Building and Coliseum). Contestants must check-in with Stacy Christianson at the stage at 1 p.m. See “Check In Meeting” information below.

HOW TO ENTER: Contestants must submit a registration form no later than June 25, 2020. A maximum of twenty acts across all three categories will be accepted, in the event that there are more acts that would like to perform, we will request a video of your performance so the top twenty can be selected.

ELIGIBILITY: The contest is open to any amateur entertainers. Professional musicians whose talent is a principal source of income are not permitted to enter. Individuals may enter only one act each year.

PAST WINNERS: Contestants who have participated in talent contests at a county fair in the past may compete again. If a contestant previously won the Minnesota State Fair County Fair Talent Contest, they may not compete again in the same division. Former Teen Division first place winners are required to compete in the Open Division. Past Preteen first place winners must also compete in the Open Division if they are not of age to compete in the Teen Division.

DIVISIONS: All acts compete in one of three different divisions, based on the age of the contestant as of September 1, 2020. The Preteen division is open to contestants age 12 and under only. The Teen Division is open to contestants ages 13 through 18 only. The Open division is open to any contestant, regardless of age. Contestants 19 years and older must compete in the Open Division. If a group is made up of mixed ages, they must perform in the division that the oldest person qualifies for. An accompanist, when not a part of the act (simply providing accompaniment as in a vocalist or dance), may be of any age. The order of performances will be: PreTeen, Teen, and Open. Winners will be announced after all divisions have performed.

ACCOMPANIMENT: The fair will provide a CD player. Vocalists may use recorded accompaniment, provided it contains instrumental accompaniment only. Absolutely no back-up vocals are allowed on vocal performance accompaniment. The contestant is responsible for the quality and reliability of any CD used; a bad CD will detract from your performance. The fair will also provide a piano, if desired.

TIME LIMIT: The time limit is four minutes and is strictly enforced. Judges will be told to deduct from final scores for those that go over the limit.

JUDGING: Judges will assess talent based on stage presence (use of stage/microphone, eye contact, etc.), quality of performance (talent), choice of selection (did the selection fit the contestant's ability to perform, was it appropriate for the performer, venue, audience), and entertainment value (was the audience entertained, did they enjoy the act, etc.). Judges' decisions are final. Scores are not released to the contestants or the public, though a comment sheet can be provided after the fair to those who request one. Please keep in mind that the Norman County Fair is a family fair. Participants are encouraged to choose an act that is age appropriate in regards to content and costuming. The Talent show Coordinator and/or the Norman County Fair Board reserves the right to stop any act that is deemed inappropriate.

CHECK-IN MEETING: All acts are required to check-in at the Stage at 1 p.m. on Saturday, June 27th. Contestants who are using a CD will need to bring it with at that time. Please mark your CD with your name and the track number you need played directly ON the disk. Due to other activities happening at the stage, we will likely only have time for a quick sound check between the meeting and the show. Please plan accordingly; you’re welcome to check out the stage earlier in the day if you would simply like to get a sense of the stage size.

SCHEDULE: Once your entry is received, you will be notified if you are selected to compete. The order of contestants will be released at that time, though you are expected to stay during the entire show and cheer on your opponents.


In addition to a trophy, winners in the Open Division , Teen Division, PreTeen Division will each receive:

  • 1 st $100.00
  • 2 nd $75.00
  • 3 rd $50.00

The winning act in each division will be eligible to represent Norman County at the Minnesota State Fair County Fair Talent Contest. Admission to the State Fair, transportation, meals, and lodging are the responsibilities of the winning act(s), though a stipend of $100 will be awarded to help defray costs.

If you place in your category, please stay near the stage after the show to have your photo taken, receive your prize(s), and get information about the State Fair Competition.

SOUND SYSTEM: All contestants are asked to use the sound system provided. A sound technician will be present throughout the show. The contestant must provide all instruments and amplifiers, if needed.

STAGE: Contestants will perform at the Tommy Roesch Memorial (TRM) Stage; it is a wooden platform approximately 8 feet deep by 15 feet wide. Directly in front; approx.. 8” down is a cement floor. We can clear chairs to create a larger performance space there, based on your needs. Contestants may change into costumes in the 4-H Building restrooms which are near the stage.

ADMISSION/PARKING: All contestants are responsible for their own parking fees, though there is no admission fee to the fair. For those transporting items, you may drive up near the grandstand to unload, but are asked to park your vehicle(s) in the standard lots upon the completion of your unloading process. There is no admission fee to the talent show.

Please contact Stacy Christianson, Coordinator at 507-626-0356 or via email at simplystacy@rocketmail.com if you have any questions or concerns about participating…we look forward having you share your talent with Norman County!

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